This site information will always be free to Florida Residents and Visitors. This web site is here to guide you through the arrest, bail bond and court case process in Florida. I am a retired professional bail bondsman in Florida with over 25+ years in the industry.  Although I still have family and friends in the biz, I no longer post bail. I understand the urgency of getting  someone out of jail in Florida.  Read through this site to understand the “ins” and “outs” of the Florida Judicial system.



I am NOT an Attorney! This site is here to help guide you through the arrest, bail bond and court case process. The information provided in this site is found in public government information web sites such as, The Florida State Senate. and the US Constitution National Archives.   I have gathered all the specific information pertaining to arrest, bail bond and the court case process in Florida together in a simple and easy to find site with useful links and information.


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