How to get a Bail Reduction

Some bonds can be set extremely high at bond hearing.

Read: The Bail Reform Act of 1984

Florida Law allows request for a bond reduction. A judge may lower you bond and re-evaluate and provide more favorable conditions to your release.

In order to get the bail reduced, a defense attorney should do the following:

  1. Demonstrate the potential crime is not one that the defendant would do again.
  2. Demonstrate the defendant is not a danger to the community.
  3. Demonstrate the defendant presents no likelihood to flee.
  • What you need:
  • The defense attorney can present this in various ways:
    • Character references
    • Community support
    • Stable employment history
    • Memberships in religious or civic organizations
    • Surrendering the defendant’s passport
    • Agree to electronic monitoring
  • Learn more about the Florida criminal court case process here
  • Pro se defendants can file their own motion for bond reduction.  Standard forms may be available at the Clerk of Courts of the county.

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