Bond Hearing

Bond Hearing

Bond hearing: Most overnight arrests will go to a bond hearing the next morning, depending on the time of arrest.

When someone is arrested mid-day, on a bondable offense, a standard bond is set and they will have time to bond out before seeing a Judge.

At bond hearing, a Judge will read through the paper work the arresting officer prepared, which includes a probable cause affidavit and any previous arrest record.

At bond court, a Judge can either raise a bond, lower a bond, keep the bond the same or release a Defendant on his own recognizances.
The inmate is usually present at the hearing via a T.V. monitor from an adjoining room.

If an inmate does not bond out of jail, He will stay in custody until his arraignment.

Everyone who gets arrested – goes through the same long and draining process.

There is nothing any one can do to speed this process up.

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