What is Pre-Trial Services?

What is pretrial services in Florida?

Once you agree to release on Pre-Trial Services you are GRANTING PERMISSION FOR AUTHORITIES TO MONITOR YOUR BEHAVIOR!
You will be held accountable for your actions if they do not meet the conditions of your release.

Read: Supreme Court law to Rule 3.131. PreTrial Release


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Here’s what to expect:

The process begins with the program’s Interview and Investigation Unit, which screens and interviews defendants for release consideration based on stringent criteria. Specialists conduct personal interviews prior to the magistrate process, verify and confirm background information through a number of databases and provide judges with relevant information to assist in the release and detention decisions. Defendants who are deemed qualified for release are recommended to the magistrate court judge for consideration. If granted release, defendants are then placed into one of BSO’s Supervision Programs, where they are required to abide by stringent program and special court-ordered conditions and are held accountable for their behavior and compliance.


Those three levels include the Standard Supervision Program, Intermediate Supervision and Electronic Monitoring/House Arrest Unit.
The Standard Supervision Program monitors the activities of felony and misdemeanor defendants via telephone check-in, office and home visits and court reminder letters. Defendants are held accountable to abide by all release conditions and special conditions of the court to include counseling, urinalysis and any number of other requirements.

The Intermediate Supervision Unit conducts supervision of defendants through more frequent contact. Full-time employment is required and verified. Defendants requiring assistance are referred to Community based programs.

The Electronic Monitoring/House Arrest Program offers the most intensive form of supervision. Defendants are placed on a curfew and are allowed to leave the confines of the residence only when authorized by specialists. This unit uses the most advanced methods of enforcement, including radio frequency tracking, remote alcohol testing and drive-by monitoring, active and passive GPS. Defendants are monitored 24 hours per day.


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