Satisfy your Bench Warrant in Florida

Bench WarrantWarrants:

There are two common types of warrants, Bench Warrant and Sealed Warrant.

A bench warrant is issued when you fail to appear to court.

A sealed warrant is issued when the police have enough evidence to charge an individual with a crime.

Sealed warrant examples are… a victim might choose them out of a line-up or they are recognized in a surveillance video committing a crime.

With this evidence the police can request a warrant for your arrest.

Florida warrant information can be found at: Public Access System Florida Crime Information Center

Some warrants carry a no bond. While in custody, an attorney is your best bet, to file a motion, to get you on the judges calendar to get you a bond.

Handle your Bench Warrant!

Did you receive a letter from the Sheriff’s Office that there is a WARRANT for your arrest?

It is common to receive a letter from the Sheriff’s office stating you have a warrant for your arrest.

There could be many reason’s you received this notice:

  • Missed Court Dates
  • Missed Case Hearings
  • Unpaid Traffic Tickets
  • Unpaid Parking Tickets

Do you know what to do?

You can lift the warrant if you pay for the bond cash at the jail.

-or- some times people don’t have the extra cash, nor do they feel comfortable going to the jail, afraid they will be arrested on the spot.

TIP: Some Bail Bond Agents can walk you through the Jail System and post your bond with a turn-around time of about an hour! No Jail Time!

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