Violation of Probation (VOP) FS. 948.06

948.06 Violation of probation or community control; revocation; modification; continuance; failure to pay restitution or cost of supervision.


Whenever there is reasonable grounds to believe that an offender has violated his/her community control, they may be arrested and their probation revoked.

Discover what Florida Law says about Criminal Procedures in Chapter 948 of the Florida Statutes on Probation and Community Control

If a judge finds reasonable grounds to believe that an offender has violated his or her probation or community control in a material respect by committing a new violation of law, the judge may issue a warrant for the arrest of the person.

The court, upon the offender being brought before it, shall advise him or her of such charge of violation and, if such charge is admitted to be true, may forthwith revoke, modify, or continue the probation or community control or place the probationer into a community control program.

If the court dismisses an affidavit alleging a violation of probation or community control, the offender’s probation or community control shall continue as previously imposed, and the offender shall receive credit for all tolled time against his or her term of probation or community control.

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