What happens after you post bail?

Inmate to Defendant: What happens after you post bail

Once a bond is posted or a Judge has ordered a Defendant to pretrial, there is a processing time until they are released from custody.

When an inmate bonds out of jail, they are now referred to as a Defendant.

Depending on the availability of the courts a defendant will usually receive a court date for arraignment within 30 days from the day of their release from jail.

How do you plea?

At arraignment, a Judge will formally address the inmate by confirming their name, reading off their charges and asking them how do they plea.

If the Defendant pleas guilty, the hearing will be rescheduled to a future date to determine sentencing.

If a Defendant pleas not guilty, the discovery process begins and a hearing will be scheduled for sometime in the next 30 days.

At this point, a Defendant will usually be summoned to court at least once a month for a status hearing.

There are many phases of a criminal court case process.

It may be worth retaining an attorney to represent them during this process.

An attorney will eliminate the need for you to have to appear, every time at these usually all-day long hearings. An attorney can appear on your behalf.

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