What happens if you don’t post bail?

Under certain circumstances, some defendants are unable to get released and get stuck in jail

Maybe they do not qualify for Pre-Trial, their charge does not carry a bond (NB – NO BOND), or they can not afford the 10% premium or have collateral for a bondsman.

In these cases a defendant is held in custody and usually transferred to a local detention center while they await their court dates.

Court dates proceed just as they would if you were on the outside.

There is usually a calendar call once a month.

when court dates arrive, most inmates are normally transferred to and from the detention center and central court house to appear in front of the judge on the days of their hearings.

Defendants spend a few hours at the court house then transported back to the local detention center with others who had court that day.

Inmates with a bond can always post bail when time and circumstances are favorable.

Every day spent in-custody is considered and usually counted towards time served at case sentencing.

Defendants who do not post bail will stay in custody as inmates until their case is resolved.

The court case process can take anywhere from 30 days to one year on average or even longer.

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