Why you shouldn’t post a cash bond in Florida

Why you shouldn’t post a cash bond at the jail

A cash bond requires the total amount of the bond to be posted, with the jail, in cash, before the defendant will be released. If, for any reason the defendant fails to appear for court, the presiding Judge may forfeit the bond. The bond money will then be held in a special forfeiture fund, pending any further orders issued by the Judge.

In order to obtain your cash bond refund, you must appear at the Clerk’s Office and obtain a certified copy of the court disposition. You must then take the certified disposition and your blue copy of the cash bond receipt to the cash bond unit 


Now you ask, why shouldn’t I post a cash bond at the jail?  and What’s the difference between posting a Bond at the jail or using a Bondsman?

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  • JAIL: You must pay the FULL AMOUNT of the Bond in CASH
  • BONDSMAN: are governed by the State of Florida to only charge 10% the bail amount, saving you that extra cash.
  • JAIL: If the defendant mistakenly fails to appear for court – A warrant is issued for their arrest & YOU LOOSE YOUR MONEY.
  • BONDSMAN: help you reschedule your court date and lift your bench warrant.  Your money is secured with our office and returnable to you once your case is closed.
  • JAIL: You are required to go to the Court house and request different legal forms that will prove your case is closed, then you must also provide the original receipt you received when you originally posted that cash bond months ago at the jail.
  • BONDSMAN: are automatically notified of your case disposition and will close out your file with our company immediately.  Upon closing the Defendants file your collateral is returned.